a pdc and something far from it

Peter Samuelson peter at cadcamlab.org
Thu Apr 27 00:45:59 GMT 2000

> Central headquarter with a samba server configured as a PDC, with
> netlogon etc etc.  External office connected via leased line with a
> bdc (or something else) taha will cache only the files (homes,
> profiles) and authorized the clients (smbpasswd centrlly on the pdc).
> Waht kind of configuration i will have on the external office?? I
> have the pdc working well, but i'm afraid that when a user with a big
> profiles will logogn form the external offices , everytime the nt
> clients will copy the profiles and other files form th ecentral
> samba...this will be very bad!!

Set your profiles directory to something like
%LOGONSERVER%\profiles\%USERNAME% (only works on NT clients, not Win9x)
so that the clients always look to the [profiles] share for their
profiles.  Sync the two shares externally at regular intervals using
things like cron and rsync.  If your users do not often migrate between
the two networks, this need not be very frequent.


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