Samba TNG FAQ updated

Jamie ffolliott jffolliott at
Thu Apr 27 00:04:25 GMT 2000

> The effect of adding a user to the DOMAIN\Administrators group is that
> they would be local admins of the domain controllers only.  It's not
> necessary for normal operation, and I don't think it's done much,
> unless you trust people with your DCs but not your SQL servers.

Hmm? Adding a user to DOMAIN\Administrators group means that user will be a
local admin of all the PDC and it's BDC's, *as well* as a local admin on the
workstations joined to this domain (by default).  It's done very often
because it's Microsoft's default when the workstation joins the domain.

If you trust people with your DC's then you inherently trust them with your
SQL servers if you don't remove the Domain\Administrators group from the
Workstation\Administrators group on the server SQLServ runs on, but why
would you bother since the domain admins are already trusted to administer
your domain?

Sorry.. you didn't make sense there ;)


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