Samba TNG FAQ updated

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Wed Apr 26 19:39:50 GMT 2000

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> On Thu, 27 Apr 2000, Paul J Collins wrote:
> > Global groups exist in domains only, and can contain users only.
> > Local groups exist in domains and local SAMs and can contain users
> > and/or global groups.  Domain local groups are only visible to the
> > domain controllers.
> yes.
> in the local administrator group, the domain admins global 
> group is added?

Yes, this happens when you add the machine to a domain (usually, unless
something is broken).  This is the group that is local to that NT computer
(whether it be a NT Workstation, or an NT Server config'd as Stand Alone),
not to the local domain group.

> if this is a requirement, it cannot be done on unix.

Oops.  :)

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