Core dump on Solaris 2.7 with latest CVS ...

Anthony Brock abrock at
Wed Apr 26 17:32:21 GMT 2000

Lastly (I will shut up after this one),

When connecting to other servers (which are domain members, running Samba 
2.0.6a), I am only able to connect if my username and password are 
identical in the LOCAL smbpasswd file of THAT machine.  If I already have 
an account on the machine, but no smbpasswd entry, or if I have an entry 
but a different password, I cannot connect.

Also, and of more immediate importance, is when I connect to the PDC and 
view the shares.  Regardless of what user I login as, I see the standard 
list of shares, and the 'root' share (home directory for root).  Due to the 
default directory for the user root on Sun Solaris, this is of some concern 
(You can see the entire directory tree of the server).  I do not see what 
should be my home directory.  For example, if I am logged in as 'jfk', 
there is a listed directory of 'root' and there no directory 'jfk' 
listed.  However, if I try to connect by mapping a drive (and manually type 
in the entry \\PDC\jfk), I can connect.  Also, the 'net use r: /home' still 


At 12:16 PM 4/26/00 -0700, abrock at wrote:
>One other item of note.  When I login from a stand-alone server (which is
>member of the domain), I now get messages that windows has detected a slow
>network connection between it and the PDC (Samba).  Since these machines
>are connected via a switched 10/100Base-T network (they are on the same
>switch), this seems highly unlikely.
>At 11:44 AM 4/26/00 -0700, you wrote:
>I downloaded the latest CVS today (April 26, 9:00 am PST) and recompiled
>(gcc 2.95.2) on my Sparc Solaris 2.7 (64 Bit).  As usual, I then
>transferred the compiled binaries to our domain controller (Sparc Solaris
>2.7 32 Bit) and installed them.
>Other than periodic slowdowns, the product seems to be working
>normally.  However, I am still unable to change passwords remotely, and a
>core dump appears every couple minutes (one every 20-30 minutes) with an
>associated panic in the log.nmb file.
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