Samba TNG FAQ updated

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Wed Apr 26 18:13:03 GMT 2000

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> >>>>> "Luke" == Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton <lkcl at> writes:
>     Luke> uh... now you're in trouble :) on NT, the *local group*,
>     Luke> Administrators, is made a member of the "Domain Admins"
>     Luke> domain group.
> Actually no.  See my message for details on the local administrator
> thing.
> Global groups exist in domains only, and can contain users only.
> Local groups exist in domains and local SAMs and can contain users
> and/or global groups. 


> Domain local groups are only visible to the
> domain controllers.

Incorrect.  Domain Local Groups are visible via any computer running the
User Manager for Domains (usrmgr.exe).  The will not be visible on
workstations by default, as they install the User Manager (musrmgr.exe).  

Luke just had it backwards, the Domain Admins Group is made a member of the
Local Admins Group.  I just looked at it in my copy of user manager on my
workstation here (using both user manager tools).

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