user accounts problem

Rafał Szcześniak rfs at
Wed Apr 26 16:56:12 GMT 2000

Hi everybody

I don't know whether i'm doing something wrong but:

1. i "log into" sam database:
   samedit -S . -U root

2. after entering password (actually no password)
   i create user account:
   createuser ntuser -p ntuser

so far, so good.
now, the problems:
a) changing password with
   ntpass ntuser
   doesn't work. i got nice "NT Password change FAILED" msg.
b) when i try to connect to samba server (let's name it EUROPA)
   i got user/password entry dialog. After typing proper
   values i still cannot see EUROPA's shares.

thank you

PS. Two more questions: 
    How can i *properly* change passwords ?
    is it essential to have root account in samba-tng sam ?
    because without it i can successfully (regarding to samedit
    messages) use create/delete user accounts.

thank you again :)

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