Profiles in the wrong place

Paul J Collins pjdc at
Wed Apr 26 00:00:15 GMT 2000

>>>>> "Willie" == Willie Green <willie at> writes:

    Willie> I'm runnning Samba TNG cvs version as of 04/25/2000. In
    Willie> Win98se and NT 4 SP4 Profiles are created, but they are
    Willie> created in the users unix /home directories also in Win9x,
    Willie> the time that comes back from the time server is about 5
    Willie> hours off from what the samba server has. I have the time
    Willie> zone set correctly and it sets the time correctly in NT
    Willie> anyone have any suggestions?

I believe that 9x machines store the time in the BIOS in local time
(DOS compatibility), while NT stores it in GMT.  Hence, when you pull
the time from the server, you get the GMT time, which 9x thinks is
local time.  Boom, five hours, right there.  Is there a switch for NET
TIME that can overcome this?


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