Samba TNG FAQ updated

Lars Kneschke lars at
Tue Apr 25 21:30:41 GMT 2000


I have updated the samba tng faq, to reflect the current development
changes. Any native english speaker should have a look at this pages please,
because my english is not the best. My writen german is also not the best!

Technical everything should be ok.

Feel free to send comments, i have more time again.

The only problem i'm aware of, is that password changing dont work.

Luke, do you know how to become a local administrator?
i have used "local group map", whit this content:

test1 = "Adminstrators"

"Administrators" gets also shown as local group in the Usermanager, but i
can't  change the clock. So i think, that i'm not a  admin user. What do you



Lars Kneschke

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