Late Domain Logon

Rafał Szcześniak rfs at
Mon Apr 24 22:38:12 GMT 2000

"Vivian P. Lal" wrote:
> Hi
> I have just upgraded to RedHat 6.2 and am now running Samba 2.0.6-9.  Ever
> since the upgrade my domain logons have been mucked up.  When I switch on
> any of my Win98 clients they come up with Windows logon before the Domain
> logon.  In fact the Domain logon box comes up at least 15 minutes after I
> have logged on to Windows locally.
> During that time I can see the client/server trying to make some sort of
> connection on the hub.  When I look at the smb.log it says that it is
> waiting for a connection.

Try to watch what is happening in log.<client machine name> .
That's because, when samba gets connection request, all other
activity between client and server is logged in other file.
Of course, you need to have properly set "log file"
parameter in your smb.conf.

>It's just that it does not become aware of the
> client trying to log in until about 15 minutes after the client is logged in
> locally.  After the domain logon box pops up, I can log in fine and there's
> no other problem.  I see no errors in the log file, it seems as if
> everything else is operation perfectly.  Should I build my server from
> scratch with Redhat 6.2, perhaps 6.1 didn't like the upgrade?
> Thanks in advance for any help someone may offer.
> Vivian Lal


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