i'm very statisfied with samba tng at the moment

Paul J Collins pjdc at eircom.net
Mon Apr 24 21:56:01 GMT 2000

>>>>> "Lars" == Lars Kneschke <lars at kneschke.de> writes:

    Lars> Hello!
    Lars> What's working:
    Lars> - join a domain via rpcclient or "domain joining dialog under Windows NT"
    Lars> - authenticate against samba pdc
    Lars> - login scripts
    Lars> - profiles (also with %U)
    Lars> - usermanger/servermanager runs
    Lars> - "Domain Admin"

Something I have been meaning to mention but that you all probably
know about: Hyena is a great NT administration tool.  It too interacts
well with Samba-TNG; you can view everything that the Microsoft tools
can, with the added bonus of being able to browse right into the
shares, right across all your domains.  In addition, it was able to
view my local event log with no difficulty, even though Event Viewer
was giving me those idiotic "Invalid Handle" errors.


It's shareware, with a 30-day trial period.

(No, I don't work for them...  ;-) )


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