Samba-TNG 2.5

Eizenberg Ariel arielez at
Mon Apr 24 19:49:02 GMT 2000

I got tng2.5 up and running, and it fixed the two problems I had before
( <1> NT refuesed to join the domain claiming an error about setting local
 security,  <2> After joining the domain it refused to allow logons
 because of an invalid machine password account or something like this

But 2.5 produced a new problem:
Sometimes when a users tries to login he gets "The system can not log you
on (C0000078). Please try again or consult your system administrator".
If he retries (and sometimes he needs to retry two or three times) he gets
to login.

I didn't have time to run it with a high debuglevel setting, but when
running it without any debuglevel parameter, now message at all is logged
in the logs concerning the failures, and the NT log specifies that the
logon failed because of an unknown reason.

Any one have any ideas?

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