Samba-TNG2.4.2 and FreeBSD

Michael Glauche mg at
Mon Apr 24 02:20:45 GMT 2000

> I can login through samedit ok.  If I should add users using samedit, what
> is smbpasswd used for?  Also, I have several win95/98se workstations will
> they be able to access shares?

Then it's a problem with 2.4.2, IIRC there was someone with a fix around
so I guess it will make it into 2.5 (or 2.4.3 ? ;)

If you want a pdc right now, get the 2.2 TNG release. Its not perfect, but
can login to the samba-domain (sometimes ;)

smbpasswd will/should be replaced with a simple wrapper script that calls
samedit ...


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