Samba-TNG2.4.2 and FreeBSD

Kyle Peterson kyle_peterson1 at
Mon Apr 24 00:49:14 GMT 2000

I can login through samedit ok.  If I should add users using samedit, what
is smbpasswd used for?  Also, I have several win95/98se workstations will
they be able to access shares?

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> > Hi, I am having this really strange problem where samba won't accept ANY
> > username & password.  The machine specific logs say something about SMB
> > LM/NT Password did not match.  I've tried compiling using the --with-pam
> > option and it didn't make a difference.  I can use the latest samba 2.1
> > code, and also samba 2.0.7pre4 works. Anybody have any ideas on this?
> Thank
> > you.
> You can test logins within samedit :
> samedit -S .
> ntlogin <user> <pass>
> if that fails, you have some problem with the backend, when this succeeds,
>  and NT can't login (as someone posted earlier) the problem lies in TNG.
> (2.4.2 does not really work well as pdc, the most recent "stable" seems to
> be 2.2)
> regards,
>     Michael

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