newbie, problems with domain-logon

Martin Helas helas at
Sun Apr 23 22:52:09 GMT 2000

im a newbie to the samba-tng. i watched the list for several weeks now.
after some starting problems i've got tng working well. Lars homepage helped
a lot. I took all config-files from there. lars: two things: in the newest
cvs, smbd and the other deamons are in /opt/samba-tng/sbin
second, the stuff about the domain-admins is a little bit hard to understand
for newbies.
Now my problems. I am able to login from the NT-m/c, but after login, NT
tells me there is no Domain-Controller available. It is also not possible to
"change the time" !! (<- i dont get admis rights)

in advance, thanks a lot

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