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Sun Apr 23 22:44:06 GMT 2000

>>>>> "Kyle" == Kyle Peterson <kyle_peterson1 at> writes:

    Kyle> Hi, I have a couple of questions regarding samba.  Does
    Kyle> Samba 2.0.7pre4 work as a PDC?  Also, I am trying to get

I believe the Official(TM) answer to this is that you can do it, but
it Not Recommended(R).  The PDC code in 2.0.x is quite old, and all of
the development and bugfixing for PDC functionality is being done on
the SAMBA_TNG branch.

    Kyle> samba-tng2.4.2 working on my FreeBSD 3.4 machine.
    Kyle> Everything compiles ok, but when I try to access a share it
    Kyle> says that the password is not right (it actually says this
    Kyle> in the machine specifiic log files).

At a minimum, you would need to supply the contents of the smb.conf
file, the exact version and service pack of the client, and the
details of how you configured your samba and joined the client to the
domain, along with the exact text and error number of the error(s) you
are seeing in the event log.


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