samba tng ignores %U

Michael Glauche mg at
Sun Apr 23 17:59:33 GMT 2000

> The current samba tng ignores the %U parameter in smb.conf.
> This is from my smb.conf.
> [global]
> logon path = \\KNECKE\profile\%U
> The profile goes to \\KNECKE\profile\... and not to
> \\KNECKE\profile\<username>\... . This is not so optimal, because every
> has the same profile! :-)

Hmm .. tested 2.2 on saturday (there are some problems with > 2.2, see
Profiles were fine there, although tng occasionly wrote them as user root,
so I moved
them to a 2.0.7pre4 server. Then profiles worked like a charm ...

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