Problem with sid_to_string in CVS Samba-TNG

Paul J Collins pjdc at
Sun Apr 23 16:49:56 GMT 2000

Just decided to play with CVS and Samba (checked it out at around
15:30 GMT), and my new installation is creating stringified SIDs like
this: (from log.samr)

get_sam_domain_name: PDC/BDC MELOCHORD
read_sid: Domain: MELOCHORD
sid_to_string returning S--1989380350-3784617370-2315756573
read_sid_from_file /usr/local/samba-tng/private/MELOCHORD.SID: sid S--1989380350-3784617370-2315756573
get_member_domain_sid: sid_to_string returning S--1989380350-3784617370-2315756573
sid_to_string returning S--32
Map:	Domain:	BUILTIN	SID:	S--32
sid_to_string returning S-
Map:	Domain:	Global Domain	SID:	S-
sid_to_string returning S--0
Map:	Domain:	Everyone	SID:	S--0
sid_to_string returning S--0
Map:	Domain:	LOCAL	SID:	S--0
sid_to_string returning S--0
Map:	Domain:	Creator Owner	SID:	S--0
sid_to_string returning S--1
Map:	Domain:	Creator Group	SID:	S--1
sid_to_string returning S--2
Map:	Domain:	Creator Server Owner	SID:	S--2
sid_to_string returning S--3
Map:	Domain:	Creator Server Group	SID:	S--3
sid_to_string returning S-
Map:	Domain:	NT Authority	SID:	S-
sid_to_string returning S--1

And so on.

I checked the code for sid_to_string (CVS versus 2.4.2), and bar the
change from fstring to pstring, it looks the same.  The revision
number is missing from *somewhere*...


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