TNG-alpha 2.4.2: can't join domain

John Weber jweber at
Sat Apr 22 01:01:20 GMT 2000


I've run into this problem in my alternate test setup and I can't figure
out the difference between this and my main test setup. I'm using tng 2.4
and 2.4.2 on may main and just today installed 2.4 on the alternate.

I've had to unjoin the domain and then reboot to get NT4 workstations to
join a new domain, but it doesn't work with my latest (alternate) install.

My main install is working OK as far as joining, but suffers some of the
problems noted just a few hours ago by Michael Glauche. (included with
comments after Paul J Collins message).

Now you got me thinking out loud, but I like to know others are having the
same problems.

I'm using vmware RH6.1 server and vmware NT4SP6 clients in my main setup
and RH6.1 host machine and vmware NT4SP6 clients in my alternate setup.

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On Sat, 22 Apr 2000, Paul J Collins wrote:

> >>>>> "Paul" == Paul J Collins <pjdc at> writes:
>     Paul> workstation, GENUA to the domain.  I don't see any obvious
>     Paul> errors in the Samba logs, but the NT box reports that it is
>     Paul> "Unable to update local security in order to join domain".
> I just looked up this message in the KB, and I found article Q178635,
> which specifially refers to trusted domain-related problems with a
> tool called NETDOM.
> This is what it says:
>   Windows NT maintains a list of trusted domains. For a workstation,
>   this list contains only one element, the domain of which the
>   workstation is a member.
> I understand this part.
>   Prior to version 1.7, NETDOM was not aware of the trusted domain
>   under a domain member. Thereby the GUI checks this information
>   before changing domain.
> The first sentence of this paragraph doesn't make much sense to me.
> Is it garbage, or is it correct but written very badly?  The only
> possible meaning I can glean from it is that the problem is related to
> the fact that my workstation was previously in another domain.
> If this "thinking out loud" is annoying you all, please do say.
> Paul.
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On Sat, 22 Apr 2000, Michael Glauche wrote:
> So, I did continue testing 2.2, and run into a couple of more problems:
> a) During logon screen, when I enter a wrong password, it takes VERY
> long
> time to verify, then I get something like "cannot log in to domain ...
> error code
> C0000253".
> The strange thing is, that ALL following logins fail with a simmilar
> message, but
> with error nr# C0000037

This I noticed with tng 2.4

> b) sometimes the profiles are written as root, sometimes as user. That
> leads to many
> problems using profiles ;) but outsourcing them to a 2.0.7pre4 server
> works fine ;)

I noticed profile problems when copying the profiles from 2.4 install to

> c) When I try to change the password I sometimes get the error "cant
> change password,
> error c00000BE"

Didn't try this.

> d) sometimes NT tells me it can't find domain controller, usually after
> logging
> of one user. TNG is wins-server, client is registered, etc. did not look
> any further
> into this one yet. too tired ;)

Noticed with tng 2.4.2. It does let users to log in, but then claims it
can't find domain controller.

> This can only be cured with a reboot of NT, then everything works fine
> again.


> TIA,
>    Michael
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> Samba Information HQ (in german)

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