TNG-alpha 2.4.2: can't join domain

Paul J Collins pjdc at
Fri Apr 21 23:30:12 GMT 2000

Luke: is NetEnumTrustedDomains still being worked on?

The mirror I was using picked up 2.4.2 a day or two after release.

Anyway.  Created yet another domain, this one called TOMATO.  Less to
report this time, as I cannot even join my workstation, GENUA to the
domain.  I don't see any obvious errors in the Samba logs, but the NT
box reports that it is "Unable to update local security in order to
join domain".  I find this weird; adding NT workstations to domains is
part of my daily work, and generally the only time it fails is if the
trust account already exists.

I have enabled all failure auditing on the workstation, but nothing
shows up in the event log.

I have saved the log.lsarpc that is generated after hitting enter
having entered the domain name in the Network dialog, but I have
skimmed it looking for errors (*obvious* errors :) but, nothing.

I see plenty of messages referring to the wks trust account (GENUA$)
being valid, so could my workstation be hosed?  Since I can't sleep,
I'll reinstall, just for kicks. :-)


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