somethig wrong on the faq

Paul J Collins pjdc at
Fri Apr 21 23:11:19 GMT 2000

>>>>> "Mailing" == Mailing Manager <mailing at> writes:

    Mailing> Hi all, i've readed the faq for domain
    Mailing> and i'm very interested in this opportunities, local
    Mailing> group map, and the other administratio feature for domain
    Mailing> logons.But, with my 2.0.6 version, these parmatere are
    Mailing> not si possible to use them???

That FAQ refers to a development version of Samba, called Samba-TNG.
Those features are not present in version 2.0 of Samba.  If you wish
to try out Samba TNG, you can download it from the alpha directory of
any Samba FTP mirror, but please note that it is not yet ready for
production use and is under heavy development.

When it is finished, it will allow you to run a Unix-based NT network
consisting of multiple domains, each domain having a PDC and BDCs.


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