Cannot log in DOMAIN from NT workstation

Rafał Szcześniak rfs at
Fri Apr 21 14:34:55 GMT 2000

Vadim Kimlaychuk wrote:
>     I have samba-tng-2.1. After I've configured smb.conf (it exactly the same as example on except workgroup)
> than created trusted account computer_name1$ and user accounts administrator and K2, then added to smbpasswd administrator and K2 , and enabled them
> and launch
>  smbd -D
>  nmbd -D
> NT workstation (computer_name1) cannot log in!
>  In log.smb I've found:
> - administrator password doesn't match LANManager - connection failed.
> - no trust account for computer_name1$
This means that, in some way, computer_name1$ account doesn't exist in
file. Check whether it exists there exactly in this form (of course
without '$' suffix).

>    ?????
>                    /KLUG/


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