uses for ldap

Rafał Szcześniak rfs at
Thu Apr 20 23:53:32 GMT 2000

iddwb wrote:
> I am wondering what samba users are using ldap for... I realize ldap can
> be used to (i think) authenticate users, but are you also storing servers
> and shares in ldap?
> David Bear
> College of Public Programs/ASU
LDAP is great tool for storing user accounts. User account information
includes many differend fields: unix uid, rid, logon path/drive,
some dates, flags, etc. It's a kind structure (if you are familiar with
programming languages). LDAP server stores account exactly as this
(groups are also stored in this way, shares - not).
It lets you get free of many mapping files, and takes care of password
After all ldap works on tree scheme. It helps to organize, to split all
accounts to as many as you need organizational units in way you need.

greets :)

PS. forgive me any grammar/style mistakes.

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