About Samba-NT DOM on FreeBSD

Hilary Cheng hilarycheng at usa.net
Thu Apr 20 04:33:37 GMT 2000

thanks all :D

anyone can use 2.4.1 and use NT to logon Domain sucesfully ?

I have create an account on Both UNIX and Samba. But when I want
logon to Samba at NT/Win9X, it give me a message at the samba.log

"SMB LM/NT Password did not match!"

Is there anytrhings wrong ?



"Alex A. Emanov" wrote:

> Hello ,
> Thursday, April 20, 2000, 10:06:40 AM, you wrote:
> HC> Hi All,
> HC>     I have downloaded the 2.4.1 alpha version of DOM. I followed the
> HC> instruction
> HC> of a FAQ to setup the DOM. But it needs to create ABC$ account on unix.
> HC> But
> HC> FreeBSD doesn't allow to create user with "$". Is it got any other
> HC> alternative to do
> HC> this ?
> use vipw to edit passwd files.
> HC> Regards,
> HC> Hilary
> Best regards,
>  Alex                            mailto:alex at gs.nsc.ru

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