TNG-2.4.1; 1st domain logon succeeds, none after that

Paul J Collins pjdc at
Tue Apr 18 22:49:28 GMT 2000

>>>>> "Pieter" == Pieter Grimmerink <p.grimmerink at> writes:

    Pieter> A similar problem occurs when I, in an other setup, try to
    Pieter> add a samba workstation to an NT 4.0 domain; it seems to
    Pieter> join without errors, but when I try to connect to the
    Pieter> samba workstation, the user or machine account seems to be
    Pieter> invalid, according to the logs.

One thing I've notived is that I have been creating my entries in
smbpasswd incorrectly.  I used to just use smbpasswd -a USER, and it
would add the entry, but with no flags.  I have used createuser and
then smbpasswd -e USER and I am now getting a U flag for my users.
The root account still has no U flag as I used smbpasswd to bootstrap
the smbpasswd file; should I add the U flag manually?


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