TNG-2.4.1; 1st domain logon succeeds, none after that

Paul J Collins sneakums at
Tue Apr 18 17:53:03 GMT 2000

>>>>> "Michael" == Michael Breuer <mbreuer at> writes:

    Michael> Silly question... when you built samba, did you specify
    Michael> "with-profiles?"  I had the same symptoms at one
    Michael> time... that was my problem.  Also, in mh configuration
    Michael> (working with profiles) I have a [profile] share, but not
    Michael> a [profile$] share.  I'm not sure that this matters.

In fact, I didn't enable that option when I ran configure.  The
profiles seem to work anyway, or is only partially working and I can't
see that?  Does it affect PDC functionality in the way I described?

I called the share "profile$" so that it wouldn't show up when I
browsed into the server.


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