Help with PDM and Server password

Rui Paz rpaz at
Tue Apr 18 10:01:09 GMT 2000


I have two Linux machines both running samba one (SERVER) is a firewall and
gateway for windows clients on a 10.x.x.x network, the other (ALUNOS) have
the accounts for all my users, the two servers are on group LAB.
I have SERVER configured as PDM and ALUNOS as server password for SERVER,
but I'm having problems on putting the two machines talking each other, they
complain about "unable to open the machine account password file for machine
SERVER in domain LAB"
It seems that I don't have *.MAC files, how do I create them???

Another question, having SERVER receiving the authentication for the domain
and passing it to ALUNOS, can a user change is password on machine ALUNOS,
from a windows client?


Rui Paz

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