strange problem with TNG

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at
Mon Apr 17 03:36:37 GMT 2000

hi lanny,

ok, which version (cvs, and what date) etc etc of TNG?

looks like nmbd GETDC responses *still* aren't right.

i spend more time on nmbd GETDC responses than anything else, this is so
daft :)

On Sat, 15 Apr 2000, Lanny Baron wrote:

>     Hello,
> I just installed TNG and when I had setup NT, I did it as a standalone
> (NT4-Server). Here is the strangeness. When booting up NT, I have two
> choices for domain. The machine name of the NT server and the DOMAIN
> name. If I select the DOMAIN name, it says "cannot log you in as the
> domain is unavailable". If I choose the local name of the NT box, it
> logs me in and I can see the network and use the shares on the network.
> What is going on that it would say the domain (name of domain) is
> currently unavailable?
> Thanks for your help,
> Lanny Baron

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