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Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at
Sat Apr 15 03:56:03 GMT 2000


what version of samba?  please present all background-info in
communications all-at-once to save me and others time.

On Sat, 15 Apr 2000, Trevor Antczak wrote:

> Hello again,
> We are making progress.  I am starting the right Daemons, and I have
> samedit working.  Right now there are three entries in
> private/smbpasswd:  root, trevor, and polonius$.  Eveything is working
> on the unix side, in samedit using ntlogin trevor can login.  Polonius
> will join the domain (I get a little message saying welcome to
> DomainName) and wants to restart.  I restart polonius and get the login
> screen.  Try to login to the domain as trevor and get a message that
> "The system cannot log you in (c000019b)


ohhhh -- can anyone remember what this means?  this is a *client*-side
problem, isn't it?

this one last came up about... three months ago, didn't it.

>  Please try again or consult
> your system adminstrator".  Another oddity is that when I try to add
> domain users and groups to local groups,

you can't do that (adding) with samrd.

> the User Manger lists the
> contents of /etc/passwd and /etc/group rather the contents of
> private/smbpasswd.

lucky you :)

>  How is User Manager getting ahold of my Unix user
> info?

depends on which version you are using, which you don't state.  but the
basic answer is, because i coded it that way.

>  I have searched in vain for another smbpasswd file it might be
> reading.  It is as if polonius believes /etc/passwd is smbpasswd (I use
> NIS-Plus, so trevor is not in /etc/passwd on this system).  Maybe I have
> a config option wrong?

it actually enumerates private/smbpasswd then calls getpwnam() on each to
make sure they have a unix account.

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