Samba 2.0.7pre4 snapshot released.

Jeremy Allison jeremy at
Sat Apr 15 01:30:28 GMT 2000

Hi all,

        I just released Samba 2.0.7pre4, available from :

This is the fourth snapshot of the code that should become
the official Samba 2.0.7 and is feature complete (ie. I'm
only going to accept bug fixes, not more features).

This is *not* production code, but should work well as a
file and print server, and contains fixes for all known
Windows 2000 bugs - two more discovered since 2.0.7pre2.

Please download and test this code and report back any
problems to samba at Your help in this will make
the official Samba 2.0.7 release better for everyone.

The changes between pre3 and pre4 are listed below and
are also in the release notes.

pre3 -> pre4 changes.
60). Fixed bug where smbd didn't return '.' or '..' on top level
share directory listing.
61). Fix for soft quotas not being set (make them equal to hardquota)
from Norbert Püschel (Pueschel.Norbert at
62). SWAT fixes for SCO UnixWare (SIGPIPE handling).
63). Fix for nmbd DOS with redirect recursion.
64). Fix for log files growing without bound from Mattias Gronlund.

An additional fix for NTLMSSP sign and seal authentication
which was broken in earlier 2.0.7 pre-releases was added.
This fix allows NT password changing to work again to a Samba

Official release is "close" - please download and
test this code. This code is probably what will be
shipped as the official 2.0.7 barring any disasters.

To everyone who contributed patches, many thinks, and
please download and test this code to ensure that the
functionality you wanted has been correctly implemented
in the code.

The updated part of the WHATSNEW.txt file follows.


        Jeremy Allison,
        Samba Team.

              WHATS NEW IN Samba 2.0.7-pre4

This is the latest stable release of Samba. This is the
version that all production Samba servers should be running
for all current bug-fixes.

New Documentation in 2.0.7

O'Reilly and Associates have donated their book "Using Samba"
to the Samba community to be updated in a collaberative way
along with the Samba software. Starting with this release the
html of "Using Samba" will be distributed with the Samba software
as the online documentation for Samba. Bug fixes for the book
are encouraged as is new material. Please help us make this
documentation the best it can be for Samba !

SWAT (Samba Web Administration Tool) has been updated to
add a link to the full text of "Using Samba" from the start

Note that this does not mean that the other documentation
(man pages especially) are being abandoned. The Samba Team
is still committed to updating and improving *all* the 
documentation shipped with Samba.

Also, as the source code for the book is moved into a more
manageable format (not raw HTML) we are committed to making
it available for editing by all interested parties. The
current situation of only shipping HTML with the Samba software
is a first attempt at getting this documentation integrated
with the Samba software and should not be regarded as the only
way in which this material will be made available (it was just
the quickest way to get the book integrated into 2.0.7 :-).

Windows 2000 Issues

This version of Samba has been tested with Windows 2000 and
the five known incompatibilities with Windows 2000 have been
fixed. See the "Changes in 2.0.7" list below for details.

New/Changed parameters in 2.0.7

There is a new option to the autoconf "./configure" script.
This is the "--with-utmp" (and attendant "--without-utmp")
option. Running configure with this option will cause smbd
to attempt to use utmp accounting for users who log on and
log off to the Samba server.

There are 5 new parameters in the smb.conf file.

utmp dir
utmp hostname
utmp consolidate
wtmp directory

These parameters are only available if the "--with-utmp"
option was selected at configure time. The yes/no option "utmp"
specifies whether utmp records should be recorded on user
logon/logoff. It defaults to "no". The "utmp dir" and "wtmp dir"
are string parameters specifying pathnames to the directories containing
the utmp/wtmp file databases. See the smb.conf man page for more details.

inherit permissions

This boolean parameter causes newly created files and directories
to inherit their initial permissions from their parent directory.
This can be very useful in propagating such things as the set-group
bit in directory heirarchies. See the smb.conf man page for more

write cache size

This integer parameter specifies (in bytes) the size of a user level
per-file write cache that smbd will create for an oplocked file. This
can improve performance significantly for writing files by causing
writes to be done in large chunk sizes. If this parameter is set (it
defaults to zero which means no write cache) to the stripe size of
a raid volume then it will cause writes to be much more efficient.
Up to 10 write caches can be active simultaneously per smbd (allocated
for the first 10 oplocked file opens). All normal warnings about the
dangers of user level caching of data apply. See the smb.conf man page
for more details.

source environment 

This pathname parameter causes Samba to read a list of environment
variables from a named file on startup. This can be useful in setting
up Samba in a clustered environment. See the smb.conf man page for more

The default setting of the "level2 oplocks" parameter has changed from
False to True in this release.

Ability to delete users added

SWAT and smbpasswd can now delete users from the Samba smbpasswd file.
See the man page for smbpasswd for details.

Roving profile behavior finalized

The change in behavior with roving profiles (using the "logon home"
parameter instead of the "logon path" parameter) introduced in 2.0.6
has been discovered to be consistant with the way Windows NT behaves,
and has been left as the default action. Please see the additional
notes in the "logon home" parameter description in the smb.conf man
page for more details.

Changes in 2.0.7

1). Fix for the semaphore promblems when compiling Samba with gcc on
SGI IRIX 6.5.x.
2). Quota support for Veritas filesystem added by David Lee.
3). Incoming RPC code re-written to support multiple PDU input from
the client. This should make the RPC subsystem more robust.
4). Fix from Ying Chen @ IBM to inline many frequently called functions. This
decreased CPU usage by 10%.
5). Fix from Ying Chen @ IBM to use a hash table to lookup entries in the file
cache. This is a significant improvement over the old linked-list
lookup code.
6). smbclient issues with native language support fixed. smbclient
now uses UNIX filename character sets exclusively when communicating
with libsmb library.
7). smbclient fix to not print error messages when "putting" an
empty file.
8). smbclient fix to cope with spaces in filenames when recursing.
9). Improved error reporting in smbclient when getting browse lists.
10). NetBIOS "scope" now supported in all Samba code/tools.
11). New mapping from code page 850 to UNIX "roman8" character set.
12). Fix for crash bug if debug file handle couldn't be opened.
13). Fix to allow mkdir to correctly set the high order permissions 
bits for UNIX's that don't allow this by default.
14). Fix to dynamically allocate group array for setgroups. Don't
depend on NGROUPS_MAX being correctly defined in header files.
15). Fix for crash bug in floating point in snprintf.
16). "Safe" version of popen() included to allow use in code such
as "source environment" patch.
17). Fix for SWAT for trailing '\n' in asctime().
18). Wildcard match fix from weidel at for NT wildcard
19). unix_mask_match fixes for "veto files" parameter.
20). Fix for system call bug when configuring on Linux kernel 2.0.x
with glibc2.1.x.
21). SO_REUSEPORT socket option added for HPUX.
22). All recv() calls changed back to read() to fix Solaris 2.5.x bug.
23). Some UNICODE conversion fixes. Not complete yet.
24). NetShareEnum fix for Windows 2000. Don't ask for 64K as Win2k
can't cope with this (returns "Out of memory" error).
25). Fixes for cli_error() crashes.
26). Fix for crash when connecting to password server by DNS name
not NetBIOS name.
27). Fix bug in demangling of compacted NetBIOS names.
28). Fixes for slow locking code for VMS.
29). Reply to short NetLogon packet in nmbd with short reply.
30). Correctly allign userdata to prevent crashes in nmbd.
31). Use talloc() in string buffer rotation code to prevent overwrites.
32). Added multi-byte awareness to parameter loading code.
33). Re-wrote password file modification code. We can now delete users
atomically. Original patch from Bruce Tenison.
34). Fixed bug in parsing smbpasswd type entries.
35). Fixes from HP to the windows registry RPC emulation.
36). Added ability to return RPC fault PDU to unknown calls. Needed to
allow Windows 2000 to return UNIX permissions as NT ACLs.
37). utmp code patch from T.D.Lee at Not available on all
platforms - test with ./configure.
38). Inherit permissions fix from David Lee.
39). Added write caching code for oplocked files.
40). Workaround for new bug in Windows 2000 where NT file create using
NTtransact call sends UNICODE without bothering to set the UNICODE flag
41). Workaround for new bug in Windows 2000 where it attempts to re-write
existing ACLs to make them inherit only.
42). Removed unused mmap code.
43). Added correct implementation of share mode deny table. We now match
Windows NT.
44). Fix recursion bug with group enumeration.
45). Fix from Bjart Kvarme to take into account changed machine passwords
that haven't yet propagated from PDC to BDC.
46). Correctly skip two byte length field when accepting RPC "start of
message" packets in SMBwriteX on pipes.
47). Added auto-detection of Windows 2000 clients.
48). Fix bug with rollback of POSIX locks if a lock in a range fails to
49). Fix bug with registering startup smbd's in flat file.
50). Ensure usernames are converted correctly between DOS codepages
and UNIX character sets.
51). Fix for timestamps being set incorrectly on copied files from
Paul Eggert.
52). Fix for parsing HP specific printer definitions in make_printerdef.
53). Fix for smbclient doing an 'ls' on large directories from OS/2 servers
from Christoph Pfisterer.
54). Fix for WINS server code where "do you still want name?" request was
being sent to the wrong IP address.
55). Fixed "recursion desired" bits set in nmbd so we are identical to
Windows NT.
56). nmbd now should process logon packets from Win95, Win98 and both
versions of the NT logon packet.
57). Correctly set parameter offset value for first trans2 reply.
58). Win2K will only accept volume labels in UNICODE.
59). Ensure nmbd doesn't attempt to use the loopback interface when
registering names.
60). Fixed bug where smbd didn't return '.' or '..' on top level
share directory listing.
61). Fix for soft quotas not being set (make them equal to hardquota)
from Norbert Püschel (Pueschel.Norbert at
62). SWAT fixes for SCO UnixWare (SIGPIPE handling).
63). Fix for nmbd DOS with redirect recursion.
64). Fix for log files growing without bound from Mattias Gronlund.
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