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Matt Monacelli mam1281 at
Fri Apr 14 17:17:42 GMT 2000

I'm having trouble getting roaming profiles to work for my Win9x
clients.  I dont yet have NT WS's, but I will soon.  Anyways, I created
the CONFIG.POL and LOGIN.BAT files in the netlogon share.  I added NET USE 
U: /HOME and the time server line (don't remember the exact syntax) and in
my smb.conf I set U: as the logon drive and \\UDB\profile\%U as the logon
path and \\UDB\%U as the logon home.  I tried loggin in as a user that is
in the smbpasswd file but has ot yet used the machine I was on.  I do not
yet have a profile for the user on the server (Linux running Samba TNG as
PDC).  I ran poledit and set up the default policies and saved them to
config.pol on the server in the netlogon share.  I also updated the local
settings (open registry option) and set the same settings.  I'm not sure
if the policies are being loaded or not from the server since I made the
changes to the registry manually also (I prob shouldn't have so I would
know).  I am suspecting that the problem is in the code since I used to be
able to open the PDC in nethood, but now I cannot (but it is still
visible).  I can however, access shares via the Start-Run \\udb\public or
whatever the sharename is I want, but when I try opening the server itself
in Nethood or Find-Computer, it says it can't be opened because it doesn't
exist on the network.  I believe this could be the problem since I enabled
the login confirmation policy and after I am authenticated by the PDC, it
says I was logged on as (blank) by (blank).  This sounds like %U is not
going to be resolved as a result of whatever the problem is, so it would
not be able to get to the \\udb\profile\%u folder since it doesn't know
what %u is.  I am not sure where the Win9x status is, so it may just be
something I have to wait for.  I am also attaching a few logs along with
the smb.conf.  BTW, I know I don't need TNG for Win9x but I will soon be
adding NT machines that will be in addition to the 9x machines, so I WILL
need TNG :)  Thanks for any help!

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