join samba client to samba domain

Pieter Grimmerink p.grimmerink at
Fri Apr 14 13:32:29 GMT 2000

Thanks for your reply.

> you need to make *two* connections inside samedit.
> you need to do one of them on the command-line to the domain controller
> the second must be with use \\wksta -Uuser%pass -W wksta

I tried this, after a while I realised that I should have a local root
account in the workstations smbpasswd file.

When I then tried
use \\wksta -Uuser%pass -W wksta
with user=local root account,
and then again a createuser -jdomainname, it finally worked!

Thanks a lot.
(by the way, I should have got it working by myself, since the hint you gave
was also given by rpcclient, when it failed. Sorry :-)

Best regards,


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