Q: NTUSER.DAT / Registry behaves read-only?

Tobias Rischer tobias at rischer.com
Fri Apr 14 07:34:41 GMT 2000

Dear List,

I am having trouble with a Samba installation that I can't fix with
FAQs and documentation.  The problem in short is this:

Samba (HEAD, from March 20) is file server and PDC with roaming
profiles, WinNT (NT4 SP4, freshly installed) user can log on and off,
NTUSER.DAT is read at logon time, written back at logoff time (I can see
that from the timestamps), *BUT* the user cannot change any of his
registry values (e.g., change desktop pattern, set environment variable,
etc.)  The first NTUSER.DAT file was manually put into the profile
directory and comes from the Default User profile on the NT machine.

To be clear: it's not that the registry is not written back, it refuses
to change at all.  (e.g., desktop background does not change at all)  On
the contrary, it looks like the unchanged registry *is* written back.

Weirdest of all: I remember it working at least once three weeks ago,
when this Samba version was freshly installed (installed, logged in,
changed desktop pattern, then went on holidays with the hope everything
was fine).  

It also worked yesterday sometimes for freshly created users, but I
don't remember if this was with the HEAD-March-20 version or the
HEAD-April-12 version.  Anyway, I cannot tell what I did to make it work
or not-work.  I did some leaving and rejoing of the domain as well,
it was a rather desperate playing-around session.

The almost current April-12 version (don't nail me on the exact
checkout-time) is not useable for me, it refuses connections with some
socket error after a while.  I did not want to use TNG because I need a
stable file server and TNG is said to be far more alpha in this respect.

If anybody is willing to advise -- the config file, tcpdump, and smb.log are
available with one click at 


because I did not want to waste bandwidth with them here.

Thanks in advance --


       (_)                     Tobias Rischer
        "==='              tobias at rischer.com
         " "

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