WINS Client

Ondrej Hanak hanak at
Sat Apr 15 07:08:43 GMT 2000

Hi all samba fans!
I have one small question. Why all M$ Win (NT, 9x) clients can't ask WINS 
server, when they can't resolve NetBIOS name over broadcas in LAN.
- we have correctly set WINS server via DHCP.
- when i use for this same problem smbclient (with WINS server in smb.conf)
  smbclient -L NetBIOS_name, then this one do this correctly via WINS 
  (where every comp. is registered)  
- when i use "find computer" in M$ env. searching fails. NOT FOUND!
- now we solve this problem with LMHosts.

Can anybody clear this strange behaviour.
Is this bug in M$ clients?

Thx O.H.

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