join samba client to samba domain

Michael Glauche mg at
Thu Apr 13 20:41:33 GMT 2000

Pieter Grimmerink wrote:
> I've recently updated my samba PDC to 2.2, and now I tried to recreate a
> machine account for a samba client. I started with a new smbpasswd file,
> followed all the instructions, etc.
> When I try to create a machine account on the Samba server with
> samedit -U root
> createuser client$
> it tells me to use lsaquery first, to get my SID
> This seems to be a function in rpcclient.
> This one fails.
> When I try to join the domain with
> rpcclient -U root
> createuser client$ -j

Join what domain ?? I don't think you need this step ? (not sure)

> from the client machine, this also fails, telling me to use lsaquery first.
> Does anyone know what causes this problem?
> How should I proceed?

Try to use "samedit -S . -U root" (some ppl reported problems otherwise
? )


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