[ADVANCE NOTICE] usernames limited to 8 chars gonna be nasty

Kurt Fitzner kfitzner at nexus.v-wave.com
Thu Apr 13 18:20:44 GMT 2000

On 11-Apr-00 Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton wrote:
>> Don't tie it to the user name. In some cases (i.e. LDAP) it would be
>> much better to add another multi-valued attribute like "NTDOMAIN". That
>> way we could use that account for multiple domains, or move domains
>> easily.
> good idea.

You don't even need to go with LDAP.  Just use some of the extra fields in a
passwd file entry.  The full-name field comes to mind.

I'd strenuously object to forcing 2 charater domain names on people.  That
means 2 character machine names too.  There has to be something better than
this without forcing LDAP on people too.


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