SUMMARY - Re: Issues with SAMBA install

Gerry George ggeorge at
Wed Apr 12 19:45:14 GMT 2000

Thanks for all of the responses to my Samba install.  I received a number 
of suggestions, but by far, the best for my "private" share is not the 
hidden share, which would require extra effort on the part of the admin 
after login, but the following by giulioo at - the use of a custom 
share via an "include" file.

> >Can one create a share for a specific user or group **which is only visible
> >to that group**?  I would like to create a share of the entire file system
>include = /path/file.conf.%U
>then in /path/file.conf.<username> put the share definitions for the
>specific user.

I'll investigate the "wins hook"  option as per Luke Kenneth Casson 
Leighton <lkcl at> and others. - Yes, my Samba server is also a wins 

swaters at also suggested in answer to another question:

> > Is there an X-client for SMB to allow one to browse and use
> > SMB shares from within X?

Thanks all.  As always, I am impressed with the speed and the quality of 

Keep up the good work.

Gerry George
Gerry E. George  <ggeorge at>
Information Technology Specialist,
DigiSolv, Inc.


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