problem: automaticaly create and delete users (samba/nt)

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Thu Apr 13 06:10:58 GMT 2000

Hello Folks, 

i'm sure this question isn't new. in this case maybe you can point me to 
a faq or something other to get my answer.

here is the situation:

we switched from a 70-server-nt-world to a sun e10k-solaris-environment.
running pretty well and there are almost no problems. but one thing is a
little bit tricky. we run one e10k-domain with a samba filesystem which
on a real nt-domain. so far so good. the next thing is that we have many
trusts to
other plant-locations. so we have to grant file-access on our server to
peoble at
the other location. the thing is that the users at the other locations are
"clean" nt-domains and global groups (the right should be granted to the

the problem is:

we need a unix-account for every user who wants access to the
with users in our domain this isn't a problem. but: we are looking for the
to grant rights for nt-groups from other locations to our filesystem. so we
have to
do the following manually:

1. check who want's to get access
2. check the users nt-group-membership on the other locations nt-domain
3. create a unix-account
4. grant permissions to the file-system

this should be done automatically from the system. 

does anyone have an idea how we can do this ?

if the problem is not clear i will answer any further question per e-mail.

thank you very much !

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