TNG Strange problems.

Alex A. Emanov alex at
Thu Apr 13 04:01:12 GMT 2000


Thursday, April 13, 2000, 1:21:17 AM, you wrote:

DBG> Hi,

DBG> Somebody saw the situation when all machines logged into domain 
DBG> successfully but users from NT Machines unable to rename any files or 
DBG> directories with the message "permission denied" and Windows 98 machines 
DBG> unable to access NT shares? (BTW, it is necessary to manually create 
DBG> win98pc$ accounts in smbpasswd?)
Similar situation when connecting from win98 to Win2k professional in
samba controlled domain. It returns either Eroor 31, or password
DBG> Running RedHAT 6.1
DBG> TNG-alpha-2.3

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