i searched the archives...

Karl Rossing karl at marvin.ERTW.ca
Thu Apr 13 01:49:37 GMT 2000

Since the listserve archive website does not currently work and
www.deja.com did not anwer my question...  here i go:

Head office has 2 Windows NT 4.0 Domain Controllers
Head office users login to the  "Company" domain.

6 Branch offices have linux servers all on different subnets
The branch office routers currently do not support Vlans.
Each branch office is connected to head office via frame lines

For the branch office users to login to the "Company" domain. This would
allow allow laptop users to in and print from any branch office

I was going to install samba as a BDC for each branch so that users can
authenticate using the same username and passwd. Does the TNG support

If BDC"s are not supported currently under TNG, does anyone have any other

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