Help a rookie: Samba 2.0.5+RH 6.1+Existing NT domain working

Greg Kopp gkopp at
Wed Apr 12 15:30:08 GMT 2000

I installed Samba on my RH 6.1 with the RPM's.

I have this as my smb.conf file:

        netbios name = 7OF9
        workgroup = IDEASTAR
        guest account = nobody
        security = domain
        password server = ISTAR-FS1
        encrypt passwords = Yes
        domain master = no
        wins server =
        interfaces =
        dns proxy = no

        comment = For testing only
        path = /samba/test
        read only = No
        public = yes
        guest ok = Yes

Yet, I am still unable to view this machine in the network neighborhood.
Although if I go to a second Linux box and install samba, I am able to
connect to it via the smbclient program.

I added the machine to the existing NT domain as directed and recieved no
errors. I am able to do to the NT 4.0 Server Manager and see the properties
of the server.

Yet, when logged into the domain on my Win 98 machine, I do NOT see the
Linux Samba server listed in my NN.

Any ideas?

Here's what we are trying to do:

We are a web development firm and I want to use Samba on the Web server so
that our web designers can just use Micro$oft networking to move files to
the web server and not FTP.

Please help if you can.


Greg Kopp
IdeaStar, Inc.
v.(216) 587-9300 f.(216) 587-9301
gkopp at

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