...continued samedit issues

Kelly Smelser ksmelser at uindy.edu
Wed Apr 12 15:45:29 GMT 2000

Here is a continuation of my samedit problems.  First of all, when I
tried to initially add root to the smbpasswd file by doing smbpasswd -a
root I came up with "connection refused" errors and failed entry.  As
far as samedit goes I get the connection refused message I cited
earlier, and the log.samedit states that
"/opt/samba-tng/lib/codepages/codepage.000 does not exist".  In the
smb.conf I add the client code page = 850 line, yet I still get the
error in log.samedit saying codepage.000 could not be found when
load_client_codepage was attempted.  Suggestions?


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