...continued samedit issues

Chris Tooley ctooley at joslyn.org
Wed Apr 12 13:35:54 GMT 2000

I have been fighting this same issue for three days, albeit not full time
three days.  I thought I was doing something wrong and was just going to
keep fighting it for a while to see if I could figure it out or if 2.3tar
fixed it.  I know samrd is runing, but the only log file I have is
log.samedit no log.samrd and it contains this entry a bunch of times:

[2000/04/10 14:53:00, 0] lib/charset.c:load_client_codepage(215)
  load_client_codepage: filename
00 does not exist

I could not find the codepage and samba should not be looking in sambatngcvs
in the first place.  I copied the samba directory to sambatngcvs before this
install and installed everything to samba.  Any ideas?

Chris Tooley

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Yes, I forgot to include the logs in my post.  In the logs there is an
error regarding codepage.000.  It says it cannot be found.  I verified
that there was no codepage present.  Suggestions?


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