[TNG 2.3] upgrade failed

Olivier Brousselle Olivier.Brousselle at univ-lehavre.fr
Wed Apr 12 06:45:46 GMT 2000

Hello all,

I have a little problem, after upgrading TNG to 2.3. I'm using 
a PC with Slackware 7.0 as a PDC. My domain have at least 50
and 1 Citrix Winframe.

My problem is that the domain is recognized by the PDC, but not by
workstations. Winframe says that the account is missing or the
password is incorrect.

When I create a new workstation, this one can't connect to the domain
and ask me to reverify the machine account.

Log of workstation :
write_socket: Error writing 36 bytes to socket 11: ERRNO = broken pipe

log.nmb :
process_logon_packet: Logon from <IP of workstation> : code = 12

Any idea ? Thx

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