How do I configure TNG x.x ?

Andreas Grimmel healer at
Mon Apr 10 18:21:00 GMT 2000

Hi everybody,

I'm new to Samba-TNG (I was using 2.0.6 before) and I already (WOW! :-)
) found out that smbpasswd -a -m has been replaced by samedit
So I tried to set up my first domain user by typing "samedit -S
seniormember", and I got the following message running TNG 2.2 (same
with 1.9):

Server: \\SENIORMEMBER: User:   ROOT    Domain:
Connection:     socket connect to /tmp/.smb.0/agent failed: Connection
error connecting to (Connection refused)
failed session setup
cli_net_use_add: connection failed

where is the correct IP of my TNG Server.

Why does it not show my domain name in the header line, and what is the
right way to get Samba to work ? (I started EVERY daemon in the sbin
directory, I hope this was OK)
Is there a howto or another helpfile where I can get general
informations about setting up TNG and doing things like create users,
create machine accounts,etc etc. ?
Please help me, I tried the whole night to get things to work, and I'm
not far away from getting a heartache ;-))

thanks in advance,

Andreas Grimmel
System Administrator, Additive GmbH

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