Making root a "Domain Admin" on a Samba TNG 2.2 as PDC

Groschwitz, Hans Hans.Groschwitz at
Tue Apr 11 15:56:31 GMT 2000

Hi there,
perhaps these are some newby question. All the same:

How can I make root (remapped to Administrator using "domain user map=") my domain admin?
Via "domain group map=" I have remapped system="Domain Admins" (system is gid=0).

Checking testparm output I found that there are new switches, not mentioned in man smb.conf:
"sam directory =" 
	which is preset to /usr/local/samba/sam. This directory does not ex. 
	Should it be /usr/local/samba/var/locks instead, where the tdb files reside?
"builtin user map="
"builtin group map="
"builtin rid file="
	and does anyone know the format of those files and the values of the RIDs ?

Thank you for any help

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