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Ingo T. Storm it-samba at
Tue Apr 11 08:43:03 GMT 2000


ok, this is OT, but quite related;-)

> > Whether the reception of the list of the users with samba-TNG by the
> client
> > w95/w98 is possible?

> I bring my apologies!
> It is a problem in win98, the system did not work correctly.
> After reinstall - all perfectly works.

Netscape and/or OE tend to replace mapi32.dll when selected as standard MAPI
clients. No idea, why this breaks domain user level security on W98, but it
does. Fortunately the fix is simple: they leave a backup ( like
mapi32.oe) in the system directory. Just rename it back and you won't have
to reinstall.


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