calling all windows 9x lovers

Lonnie J. Borntreger lonnie at
Tue Apr 11 08:33:11 GMT 2000

Server: Solaris 7, CVS as of 3:15AM CDT
Client: Win98 SE
Format: Quick results listed below.  I could get log 100 if you want.

Lonnie Borntreger

> -----Original Message-----
> ok, you wusses, i'm doing work that affects you.  yes, you
> lot.  the ones
> that insist on not paying through the nose for nt workstation
> licenses,
> and make do with 9x, for your pain and your sins.

I prefer the term "cheap". :)

> i am looking forward to the days when it is not necessary to
> maintain two
> sets of code for NT and 9x support in samba, so have made some of the
> LANMAN support call DCE/RPC functions.
> to this end, please could people do the following tests, from win9x:


C:\WINDOWS>net view
Servers available in workgroup WHNET.
Server name            Remark
\\GTO                  Borntreger PDC (TNG-alpha,gto)
The command was completed successfully.

In log.smb:
domain_client_validate: unable to validate                      password for
user 67goat in domain WHNET to                     Domain controller \\..

--This took a while to return the first couple of tries
C:\WINDOWS>net view \\gto

Error 50: You attempted an operation that cannot be performed from your
computer or that is not supported on the specified server. Make sure you are
using the correct server for the command or task that you want to perform.
the problem persists, contact your network administrator.


Same error 50

The first couple of times I saw :
prs_grow_data: 4 > 0
domain_client_validate: unable to validate                      password for
user 67goat in domain WHNET to                     Domain controller \\..
api_fd_reply: INVALID PIPE HANDLE: 0

Then I started getting the error 50 really fast with:
ncalrpc_l_establish_connection: failed srvsvc)
ncalrpc_l_use_add: connection failed

(The change in command returns and log entries is reproducible - after a
server restart.)

"net view" still works, after these problems.  If I try to run server/user
manager, it seems to find the PDC (for a change), but complains that "the
server is too busy to complete this operation".

No SEG faults of any kind.

(Oh.  I tried to use Network Neighborhood.  Saw the networked computers,
couldn't see any shares.)

Too scared to try the rest. :)
> - password change
> - win9x-style profile-login-thing (i can't bring myself to call it a
> domain logon, sorry).
> you will need either the latest cvs or
> samba-tng-alpha-2.3.tar.gz (just
> being built as we speak... um... as i type.)

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