[TNG 2.2] no domain

Olivier Brousselle Olivier.Brousselle at univ-lehavre.fr
Tue Apr 11 07:09:12 GMT 2000

I've tried TNG 2.2, and there is a problem : my domain isn't recognized.

When I try to connect from a workstation, that says "the domain is
logs of the workstation :

SMB LM/NT Password did not match!
authorise_login: TODO. split function, it's 6 levels!

But, when I try smbclient //TNG_PDC/user -U user, the session is OK,
no problem.

Another problem is when I use smbpasswd to change the password of an
the password is not changed and smbpasswd makes a segmentation fault.

My server is running on a Slackware 7.0, TNG 2.2.

Any idea ?

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