Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at
Tue Apr 11 07:05:02 GMT 2000

yes, there's a .gz, too.  there's also always patch files (diff.gz) for
those people with really slow links [in russia, hi there, thanks for
wanting to keep up with this stuff!]

this release may be a bit dodgy, it contains three separate sets of

- andrew's simplified the file-opening.  however, it doesn't deal with the
shared NFS / SMB case, so jeremy is investigating that.

- the msrpc loop-back unix-socket-interface-thing i made some nice,
simple, trivial mods that make it clear what i am doing... and my first
tests showed i broke it :)  heck, it i got it wrong, i'll do another alpha
release :)

- smbd receives win-9x/smbclient requests, it now passes them on to
DCE/RPC functions (e.g api_NetShareEnum calls srv_net_share_enum on
loop-back.  api_NetServerTOD calls srv_net_srv_tod.  there _isn't_ a
srv_net_server_enum, so i am a bit lost, there, i'd _love_ to know what
microsoft is doing, there...)

ok, have fun.


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