calling all windows 9x lovers

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at
Tue Apr 11 06:51:57 GMT 2000

ok, you wooses, i'm doing work that affects you.  yes, you lot.  the ones
that insist on not paying through the nose for nt workstation licenses,
and make do with 9x, for your pain and your sins.

i am looking forward to the days when it is not necessary to maintain two
sets of code for NT and 9x support in samba, so have made some of the
LANMAN support call DCE/RPC functions.

to this end, please could people do the following tests, from win9x:




- password change

- win9x-style profile-login-thing (i can't bring myself to call it a
domain logon, sorry).

you will need either the latest cvs or samba-tng-alpha-2.3.tar.gz (just
being built as we speak... um... as i type.)

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